Friday, May 28, 2010

End of the Year Blogging Challenge

I currently have 30 blog posts. They were all school based, since I'm not really the blogging type of guy. I think I only recieved like ten comments at the most. All the comments I have recieved have been from classmates. The first post I wrote recieved the most because all my friends just commented on it for the heck of it. I enjoyed writing posts about my life the most. I did not change my blog themes that much. I didn't have that many widgets in my blog at all.
The person who I showed my blog to was Nick. His first impressions were that my blog looked good and almost looked professional. The thing that caught Nick's attention were the pictures and widgets on my blog. The thing that distracted him was the color of it. Nick said I could use more widgets and a few more posts.

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